A Buck Named Money: How a Family of Deer Inspired the Birth of Kelvin Peña’s Non-Profit Organization


Red Deer in Morning Sun.Internet flavor of the month Kelvin Peña, who rocketed into the online spotlight in the aftermath of the “Everybody Eats” meme, has started a non-profit that aims to send aid to Puerto Rico to help rebuild the lives affected by Hurricane Maria.

While a whopping 46.3 million households in the U.S. have a dog, Kelvin is the proud friend of a family of deer. When walking through his neighborhood, Kelvin found himself forming a special connection with a buck. After feeding the buck, aptly named Money, for two days, something amazing happened.

“Money’s whole family came to my backyard, this is when I established the “Deer Squad,” which consists of Money, Baby Mama, Baby Bambi, Lola, Money jr., Canela, and Tequila,” Kelvin wrote in his Mission Statement for the Everybody Eats Foundation.

This newfound platform gave access to a unique opportunity. With thousands of people to speak to, Kelvin decided not to squander such a great opportunity.

In a video he released following Hurricane Maria’s destruction, Kelvin called on his followers to help.

“I know there are people suffering and they have no way of spreading the word over here of what is going on,” Kelvin said, lamenting the lack of power and control Puerto Rican civilians were facing.

His efforts haven’t gone unrewarded, as NBC News reports that his followers have donated over $3,000 so far, alongside many essential food and survival items.

Kelvin’s charitable ambitions don’t end there, however, as his intent is to continue collecting donations of all kinds for Puerto Rico and give 100% of the proceeds to his native country.

In the midst of the largest power outage in U.S. history, Puerto Rico is facing 1.25 billion lost customer hours of power. This number will climb for months, as the power supply is still non-functional in the majority of homes. Puerto Rico, it seems, certainly needs someone like Kelvin Peña to shine a light on their darkened night.

Going forward, Kelvin will continue to study how to grow his non-profit at college in Pennsylvania in hopes of providing help to anyone who falls on hard times.

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