Saturday 16 January 2021
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A Sad Day For Sushi Lovers: California Rollin’ Closes Doors at Village Gate


california rollin

It’s a sad day for sushi lovers in the heart of Rochester: California Rollin’ has officially closed its doors at the Village Gate.

As of Oct. 17, the restaurant’s lights are off and a sign on the door reads “California Rollin Will Be Closed Indefinitely. Sorry For Any Inconvenience. Thank You.”

For now, the current owner of the Japanese restaurant has not responded to queries from news sources. The restaurant has operated for more than 20 years in the Rochester area and has spent the last several years at the Village Gate Plaza. Though its popular second location California Rollin’ II is still open at the Port of Rochester in Charlotte, the two restaurants are not affiliated, according to the Democrat and Chronicle. For now, city-dwellers will have to go elsewhere for their sushi and miso soup.

While some might question the structural integrity of the restaurant, the health inspection reports beg to differ. According to 13 WHAM, reports from the New York State Department of Health revealed that the restaurant was in tip-top shape; there are currently no outstanding violations nor are there permit violations recorded. Even though metal corrosion costs the economy over $300 billion per year, there is no indication that a structural issue has caused the typically popular restaurant to lock its doors.

This is another puzzling aspect to hungry patrons: the restaurant typically has a steady stream of visitors each day, especially in the summer when outdoor seating is available. While sushi is often considered a summer cuisine in America, the restaurant’s varying menu options allow it to maintain a number of patrons throughout the fall and winter months. After all, Americans will eat an estimated 10 billion bowls of soup per year, including miso soups and hot noodle options often served in Japanese cuisine.

Better yet, the inherent health benefits associated with eating sushi has made the cuisine more popular than ever. Some sources even say that fish is the healthiest form of animal protein available to humans, making it a superfood. Rich with antioxidants and calcium, this food can help promote a healthy weight and improve bone and tooth health. This is essential given that up to 25% of orthodontic patients are actually adults.

On top of that, an estimated 18% of children through the age of 19 will have untreated cavities. While many children turn their nose up at raw fish, sushi has become a delicacy for all ages in the Rochester community. While you’ll still have to brush your teeth after eating a meal, eating these low-calorie options can help disguise healthy ingredients amidst a slew of different flavors.

Along with sushi options, California Rollin’ also serves udon soups, rice-based dishes, and a small selection of desserts. According to its site, the restaurant has won the title of Rochester’s best sushi restaurant for the last decade in the City Newspaper’s Best of Rochester competition.

According to Rochester First, the previous owner and father of the current owner is expected to hold a news conference in the coming days. Thomas Beaman wasn’t willing to talk about it when news sources reached out to him yesterday, but all will be revealed soon enough. According to a study by the U.S. Bank, almost 82% of businesses will fail because of cash flow problems.