Tuesday 28 September 2021
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Board of Education’s Youth Council Will Recommend Changes to RCSD Curriculum

The Rochester Board of Education passed a resolution creating the Youth Instructional Improvement Advisory Council, Thursday night. The Council will be comprised of various RCSD students and will have the responsibility of providing recommendations to the Board, Superintendent and larger City learning community regarding courses of study that could be more effective in engaging the District’s K-12 student population.

Board of Education Commissioner Mary Adams said, “…The credit for this unique concept should go to the Special Committee on Student Achievement. They understood that one of the ways to decrease our drop-out rate was to make sure that our class offerings and methodologies of teaching are engaging and energizing. Who would better understand the kinds of courses and teaching methods that could have this impact than our students?”

Board President Van Henri White said, “…None of this would have been possible without the support that the RCSD Board of Education provided to the Special Committees. They identified the citizens that served on each of the four committees, and unanimously approved the resolution that created the Youth Instructional Improvement Advisory Council. Those who would doubt that we are serious about listening to the concerns and ideas of our citizens need only look at last night’s vote.”

Commissioner Malik Evans said the Board’s process and timeframe will vary for each proposal to implement the recommendations of the Special Committees. He also said the Board will give serious consideration to every idea and the deliberative process will result in further action by the Board.