Friday 18 September 2020
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Category: Business, State/National News


Cuomo says Minimum Wage Increase will have $3.4 Billion Direct Economic Value

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has detailed the projected impact of a minimum wage increase from the current $8.75 to his proposed $10.50 statewide and...


Foodlink opens Remodeled Community Store on Jay St.

By Staff  Foodlink has unveiled a newly-remodeled community store, Stop One Meat Market, as part of its Community Store Initiative, which...

Mortgage form - approved

Attorney General Ends Bank’s Discriminatory Mortgage Practices

Getting a mortgage can be tough for a myriad of reasons. First, it’s because you need to have a FICO of at least 500 to even be...


Cuomo announces Competition for $1.5 Billion Upstate Revitalization Fund

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has proposed a $1.5 billion Upstate New York Economic Revitalization Competition, in which seven regions in Upstate New...


Fast-Food Workers in Rochester Protest for an Increase in Minimum Wage

Rochester fast-food workers, along with cashiers, convenience store workers, airport employees, and home care workers, participated in a...

City issues Bid with Financial Incentives for Contractors who hire City Residents

Mayor Lovely Warren has announced the city has issued its first bid under a new financial incentive program for contractors who hire...


New Survey Finds Latinos Highly Optimistic About Their Future

While many Americans may still be facing lingering effects of the recession of a few years ago, one demographic appears to have a brighter...

El Morro Bakery opens on North Clinton Ave.

Mayor Lovely Warren joined City Councilmember Jacklyn Ortiz, and business owners Pedro Ortiz and Brenda Rios, Nov. 18, to celebrate the...