Tuesday 20 November 2018
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Category: Editorial, Hot News

Rev. James Simmons, Senior Pastor of Baber AME Church

Rochester Needs an Independent Police Accountability Board

Letter to the editor: by Reverend James C. Simmons Last summer the Coalition for Police Reform released a report that confirmed what black...


Trump White House Views Migrants as Subhuman

Op/Ed By George Payne – The Trump White House does not see migrants as full human beings. They see them as a horde of invading pests....


Major League Baseball in San Juan as a 21st Century Marshall Plan

Op/Ed By George Payne – The people of Puerto Rico are rich. The name itself means “Rich Port City,” and it is inspired by...

Overstreet Laura FNP Picture

Become an Organ Donor

Op/Ed By Laura Toribio Overstreet, FNP  –   People have to change their attitudes toward organ donation. Thinking about death...

payne new

Sanctuary Cities Are Sacred Spaces

Op/Ed By George Payne – As reported in the Jan. 18 edition of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, “Last February, the...

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Breast Cancer Awareness

Op/Ed By Laura Toribio Overstreet FNP –   Breast cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of...

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Hypothermia: Protect children, pets and yourself from the cold temperatures

Op/Ed By Edy Toribio Rosenfeld, RN BSN –   (Spanish Version Follows/Versión en español adjunta) - Cold temperatures can cause...

Founder and Director
Gandhi Earth Keepers International

Deporting Salvadorans Is Unproductive

Op/Ed By George Payne –   President Trump’s latest move to deport 200,000 migrants from El Salvador that have lived in the...

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“Forever Families” Over Foster Care

Op/Ed By Hon. Sandra L. Frankel, CAP Board Fundraising Chair; Barbara Baer, CAP Board Chair; and Charles Reaves, CAP Executive Director...

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The “flu” or Influenza

Op/Ed By Edy Toribio Rosenfeld, RN BSN –   (Spanish Version Follows/Versión en español adjunta) - The “flu” or influenza...