Wednesday 20 January 2021
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Category: Editorial


Enough is Enough: Moving Past Gradualism

Editor’s Note: Columnist Howard Eagle has written the following analysis in response to the Nov. 30 Democrat and Chronicle editorial...


Ferguson: Insufficient Justice

After seeing what happened with the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, Mo., I have some observations and questions. First: “I pray for the...


Buffalo is drowning in Cognitive Dissonance

With the recent announcement of the Buffalo Bills having a new owner committed to keeping the team in Buffalo, it seems on the surface...


The Police Problem can be Easily Solved. The First Step is Wanting to solve it

The strange thing about the crime rate is, it can be lowered by either one of two things, increased police presence in high-crime areas, or...


Too Stressed to Be Blessed

( – Black folks lead the nation in church-going, praise-dancing, shouting, call-and-response, and “whoopin.”...

Julianne_ Malveaux

All Colleges Are Not Created Equal

( – The most common model of college attendance is that a young person graduates from high school and heads...


Straight No Chaser: Poor People Were Being Pimped at RHA

In the real world, it seems when someone has been named to a position, it does not matter how he or she has gotten there. When a black man...