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Cruz for Sale

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Clinton’s Favorability Among Latino Voters May Be On the Decline

Even with anti-immigrant Donald Trump as her opponent, there is proof that Hillary Clinton has failed to out-perform previous Democratic...


Late Assemblyman Bill Nojay Wins in Republican Primary

By Staff   Late Assemblyman Bill Nojay won the Republican primary in the 133rd Assembly District Tuesday, despite his suicide last...

Florida beach home

New Spanish Language Ads from Clinton Campaign Make Effort to Win Over Swing States

In an effort to win over Latino voters in the swing states, the Clinton campaign recently released new Spanish-language advertisements in...

Bowl of guacamole with fresh ingredients

Latino Business Group Leads ‘Guac the Vote’ Movement

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in six Americans becomes sick from consuming contaminated food or...

Sun set and Saguaro cactus in Saguaro national park

Latino Vote Slowly Turning Arizona Purple in Presidential Election

It seems that this year’s unconventional presidential election is causing not only individuals to question their political thoughts...

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Republicans Launch New Social Media Campaign for Latino Voters

Republicans are pushing new bilingual outreach strategies on social media, hoping to curry favor with more Hispanic voters before the...

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Yet Another Latino GOP Official Resigns Because of Trump’s Racist Rhetoric

The communications director of the Florida Republican Party announced on Monday that he is stepping down because of Donald Trump’s racist...

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Calls on Republicans for Additional Zika Funding, During Miami Visit

By Staff   According to reports, Hillary Clinton called on Congress to return to session for an impromptu vote to pass additional...

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Venezuela President Sports Luxury Watches While Citizens Starve

Fine jewelry and watches are items of luxury, and in any given year, a whopping 38 million Americans will spend money so they can flaunt...