City Seeking Proposals for La Marketa Urban Renewal Project


By Staff


city-logo-new-300x200-1The city is seeking proposals regarding the purchase and development of property for the La Marketa Urban Renewal project, and will hold an information session for developers on Thursday, Jan. 12, in the Salvation Army Temple Corps, at 915 N. Clinton Ave.

“It is the city’s intention to receive development proposals that will lead to the sale of the site to a developer who presents the desired use(s), best plan/layout, and demonstrates the best financial capacity to undertake the proposed project,” city officials stated. “It is expected that developers will creatively improve the site with the necessary land use, or mix of uses, to achieve a specific vision, and goals for the site.”

The city is seeking developers to purchase and improve the 1.7 acre area of land between Sullivan and Hoeltzer Streets on N. Clinton Ave., an area which comprises the El Camino neighborhood.

Interested individuals may submit an electronic copy of their proposal to the city, on either CD or flash drive, as well as ten (10) hard copies of their proposal by 4 p.m. Friday, March 3.

Visit for additional information regarding the request for proposals.

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