Presents $1 Million Grant to Fund Latin American Non-Profits


MoneyIt is no secret that nonprofit organizations rely on the generosity of individuals and companies nationwide. In fact, back in 2014, 1.4 billion people worldwide donated money to nonprofit organizations, and it is exactly that kind of generosity that Google is trying to recreate.

Search engine giant Google has created a sub-company known as with the goal of improving the lives of others through numerous non-profit organizations across the country. And recently, has been making headlines by investing $1 million into the first-ever Latino Non-Profit Accelerator in California. gave the massive grant directly to the Latino Community Foundation (LCF), which works to invest in Latino-led organizations and Latino philanthropists in California. In a statement, explained that creating a Latino Non-Profit Accelerator is meant to empower Latinx communities and to work through “inequalities in the midst of an anti-Latino and anti-immigrant political climate,” the Huffington Post reports.

As a part of the grant’s terms, the LCF will work with 10 different Latinx-based non-profits across the state. Overall, these different groups focus on the three major themes of increasing Latinx college enrollment and graduation rates, personal economic stability, and civic engagement in Latinx communities.

Not only will the LCF invest money in these 10 foundations, they will additionally offer digital marketing along with design and branding workshops to help them grow. will even host some of these workshops in their own space in San Francisco.

LCF Vice President of Programs Masha Chernyak explained in a statement that’s grant has the ability to spark change in an environment that is suffering recently. She explained:

“Our community has the intellectual and creative capital to drive social change. The issues facing Latino nonprofits require a new set of bold solutions from funders. With the Accelerator we are redefining what it means to offer capacity building and unleashing the power of our communities.”

On top of the digital marketing efforts, will provide resources in three different sectors: funding, training, and collaboration. Their fundraising professionals will help the small businesses develop proposals and create a fundraising game plan. The training will focus on leadership development and branding, and the collaboration will help to spark unity between other non-profits with the same message.

This grant isn’t Google’s first investment in Latinx businesses. Back in 2013, Google for Entrepreneurs made a similar donation to the San Jose-based Manos Accelerator to help increase the Latinx presence in startup companies. In the four years since, their Accelerator has worked with 22 companies in both the U.S. and Latin America.

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