Hospital Employee Who Stabbed a Man at Strong Now in Custody


emergency roomA physical altercation at Strong Memorial Hospital on January 20 resulted in one person being stabbed. Rochester police reported that Devin Brown, a 23-year-old Rochester man and hospital employee, has been accused of stabbing Karriem Mixon, a 39-year-old Rochester man, in the chest during the conflict.

The stabbing occurred near the elevators in Strong Memorial Hospital. URMC spokesperson Mark Michaud said that the stabbing victim was visiting a patient in the hospital at the time. Michaud added that it’s still unclear whether or not the two men knew each other.

West Health Institute reports that 7% of nurses’ time is spent recording vital signs, but Brown, a hospital employee, clearly was not performing his occupational duties when he confronted Mixon.

Brown is currently in custody and is being charged with second degree assault. Investigators report that the fight took place in the hospital shortly after 1 a.m. Brown, who is employed at Strong Memorial Hospital, will not be returning to work pending an investigation into the matter.

Rochester Police Lieutenant Frank DiPrimo said that Mixon was stabbed once in the upper body. He was treated for non-life threatening injuries in the hospital and then released when his condition was stable.

Michaud said that multiple organizations, including hospital employees and University of Rochester Public Safety staffers, are assisting in the ongoing investigation into the matter.

It’s still not clear what led to the argument and subsequent physical altercation between Brown and Mixon at the elevators.

Brown pleaded not guilty to his charge of second degree assault during an initial appearance in court. He was released to the Monroe County Jail in lieu of $10,000 cash bail or $30,000 bond.

According to Rochester police investigator Jackie Shuman, the two men continue to claim that they do not know one another, although their violent confrontation could suggest otherwise. Brown is scheduled to return to City Court soon.