Ibero-American Action League Officially Honors Father Laurence Tracy


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LOGOibero3Ibero-American Action League has officially dedicated its main office building to Father Laurence Tracy.

As one of Ibero’s founders in 1968, Father Tracy has been a strong and tireless advocate for Ibero’s mission and work to support Latino individuals and families in the Greater Rochester region.

As a result, the East Main St. office is now the “Laurence Tracy Administration Building.”

“We would not be where we are today without Father Tracy,” IBERO president and CEO Hilda Rosario Escher stated. “He has worked harder for our community than just about anyone else, and it’s because of him that we as a community have achieved progress in many areas. There is still much work left to be done, especially in education. We will continue to advocate for children and families as Father Tracy has for us for more than four decades.”

Father Tracy, also known as Laurie, has dedicated the past 50 years to the religious, educational, and cultural development of the Latino community. He has been highly recognized for his persistent leadership in demanding social justice.

Born in Rochester on March 14, 1940, Father Tracy was one of six children born to Norman Patrick Tracy and Marguerite Fuehrer Tracy, of Irish and German descent. The family lived at 127 Clifford Ave.

Throughout his adult life, he has spoken for those who have no voice, defended the rights of those who cannot defend themselves, and has shown predilection for the poor.

His ministry has worked in jails, hospitals, and with migrant populations, among many others, Ibero said.

He has also picketed factories and governmental offices, marched for just causes, participated in studies related to education and health care for Hispanics, helped create and organize agencies serving Latinos, and joined boards of different organizations to bring about changes in the community.

Father Tracy has also actively worked with the Rochester City School District to promote programs and defend the rights of Latino parents and students.

“In June, 1960, Father Tracy was ordained priest by Bishop James E. Kearney at St. Michael’s Church,” Ibero said. “His first assignment as a priest was at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church where he served for 16 years. He then transferred to St. Francis Xavier Church, followed by Lady of Perpetual Help Church and St. Michael’s Church. In 1989, he helped create a program to train Hispanics for ministry – The Hispanic Pastoral Institute (Instituto de Pastoral Hispano).For his work in the community, he has been called “Beacon in the Barrio.”

Ibero is a dual-language human services agency that works to foster the prosperity of individuals and families in the city’s Hispanic community.

Visit www.iaal.org for additional information regarding the organization’s programs and services.

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