Irondequoit Boys Basketball Team Soars Above the Competition to Win State Championship


eaglesThe Irondequoit boy’s basketball team brought home their first basketball state championship trophy this week after a 54-43 win against Our Lady of Lourdes High School, and the city is ecstatic about it.

Tysean Sizer has several reasons to be excited about his team’s big win, one of which is that the big game happened on his birthday. In addition, the senior basketball star scored a game-high of 21 points during the game.

Irondequoit students and numerous other fans of the high school team sang “Happy Birthday” to him while he was given his tournament MVP award.

“We’ve made it pretty far, and hopefully we can continue to grow as a team and accomplish more goals,” the senior guard said.

Most athletes report that almost 50% of their performance is a result of mental factors, but the Irondequoit team credits much of their success to the support they’ve received along the way. And fans didn’t stop showing support, either.

The team had a huge amount of support as they traveled to Binghamton. Parents, fellow students, and friends were all waiting in the stands for the victorious team after they had secured their victory. Hours after their historic win, the Eagles continued the celebration back in Irondequoit.

Hundreds of people lined portions of Cooper Road in front of the high school and rushed the players when they stepped off the bus. The team was awash in pride and congratulations from family and friends.

“I’ve heard from so many people. Just having all these people turn out on a Sunday afternoon, it was just very touching. Very touching,” said coach Chris Cardon.

He was among the team’s biggest supporters throughout their journey to the final championship game. After their win over Jamesville-DeWitt and with only one game standing between them and the state championship title, Cardon kept up the encouragement.

“We’ve got one more game, so why not, why not, why not?” he said just before the team went on to the final game.

Cardon’s and the team’s hard work over the season paid off, and their fans are certainly nothing short of elated for them.