Mayor Thomas S. Richards Publishes State of Rochester


Mayor Thomas S. Richards today released a booklet entitled “The State of Rochester” to provide a snapshot of the status of the city’s financial, infrastructure, budget, public projects, public safety and more. The report summarizes Rochester’s general census information, economic conditions, housing units, City budget and finances, City investments, Bureau of Housing Development program outcomes and itemizes the City’s project pipeline. There is also data on the City’s workforce, festivals and events and also a crime status report.

“Although we still face many challenges, we have much to be proud of,” said Mayor Richards in the booklet’s preface letter. “We have seen our real property values continue to increase…we flattened our population decline and seen record public and private investment in our neighborhoods and Downtown…People have faith in Rochester and…we need to continue to build on that investment.”

The data in the report is sourced and will give the community a factual, unbiased look at the state of Rochester.

The booklet will be available at City branch libraries, Neighborhood Service Centers and as a downloadable file on the City’s website at