New City Management Team Tours Neighborhoods


Mayor Lovely A. Warren organized a bus tour of city neighborhoods today for the members of her Senior Management Team today.

“Our work is not limited to what happens in City Hall,” said Mayor Warren. “Rochester’s neighborhoods are where our customers live, work and play and that is where we must deliver our services. First and foremost in their day-to-day activities, I want City staff to maintain a strong connection and desire to help the people and neighborhoods of our city.”

The staff visited the following areas, receiving presentations from:

* Brooks Landing, LaShay Harris of the 19th Ward Community Association
* College Town, Peter Robinson of the University of Rochester
* City Gate, Anthony J. Costello
* St. Joseph House, Ed Doherty and Jennifer Leonard of the Rochester Area Community Foundation
* David F. Gantt Community Center, Gladys Burgos of Ibero American Action League
* House of Mercy, Sister Grace Miller
* Genesee Brewery, Rich Lozyniak, North American Brewing
* Lyell Avenue and Mt. Read Boulevard, Roger Brandt of the JOSANA Neighborhood
* Port of Rochester, Mark Gregor, City Manager of Port Development
* High Falls Area, Lewis Stess of the GardenAerial Project
* Rochester Transit Center, Daniele Coll-Gonzalez, of Rochester Genesee Regional Transit Authority
* Midtown Plaza-Sibley Building Area, Ken Glazer of Buckingham Properties

The following City staff participated in the tour:

* Charles Benincasa, Director of Finance
* Lisa Bobo, Director of Information Technology
* T. Andrew Brown, Corporation Counsel
* Christine Christopher, Director of Communications
* Michael Ciminelli, Interim Police Chief
* Jeremy Cooney, Chief of Staff
* Tassie Demps, Director of Human Resourc Management
* Reggie Hill of the Mayor’s Office
* Norman Jones, Commissioner of Environmental Services
* Marisol Lopez, Commissioner of Recreation and Youth Services
* John Merklinger, Director of Emergency Communications
* Tracey Miller of the Mayor’s Office
* Leonard Redon, Deputy Mayor
* John Schreiber, Fire Chief
* Delmonize Smith, Commissioner of Neighborhood and Business Development
* Patricia Uttaro, Library Director
* Christopher Wagner, Director of Management and Budget
* Allen Williams, Director of Special Projects
* Spencer Ash, Director Development Services
* Rosiland Brooks, Director of Accounting
* Kim Jones, City Treasurer
* Eric Rose, Assistant Commissioner of Recreation
* James McIntosh, City Engineer
* Mitchell Rowe, Director of Planning and Zoning
* Donald Starver, Deputy Director of Communications
* Suzanne Warren, Assistant Director of Management and Budget
* Michael Wood, Deputy Police Chief of Operations