The 2016 Presidential Election: Why the The Latino Vote Didn’t Help


“The children are afraid.”

That sentiment, voiced by pastoral associate Ellie Hidalgo, was shared by many Americans this morning after the conclusion of the 2016 Presidential Election.

“I’ve just been praying, every night,” said Rita Chairez, a parishioner. “Dear Lord, please do not let that man lead this country.”

According to The Daily Beast, many people thought that Latino voters would turn out in droves in support for Hillary Clinton in hopes of stopping Donald Trump from making it to the White House.

They were half right.

The Washington Post reports that Latinos accounted for a much larger percentage of early voting than they did during the last election. And although Latinos began voting in important swing states like Colorado, Florida, Nevada, and Arizona, during Election Day only 11% of the overall electorate was Latino, which was only 1% higher than the 2012 figure.

“How can a human being talk the way Trump talks about us?” Chairez added. “He talks like we’re not human, Latinos and women both.”

The majority of Latinos saw it that way as they voted across the country, with wholly 71% of the Latino vote going in support of Hillary Clinton, but it simply wasn’t enough to stop Trump from becoming the 45th President of the United Stated of America.

After Trump, the KKK-endorsed candidate, publicly stated that Mexicans coming into this country are criminals and rapists, implied that a federal Judge (who was born in the U.S.) with Mexican parents isn’t a full-blooded American, threatened to create a mass deportation force and build his giant wall, and called a young Latina beauty queen “Miss Housekeeping” — after all that — it isn’t quite that hard to realize why the majority of Latinos are in support of Clinton.

The only problem, however, is that white, middle-class, mid-America, representing a much larger percentage than the 11% Latino vote, thought it was time to “make America great again” by electing Trump into office.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Father Mike Lee, an associate pastor, went around his to comfort his parishioners as it the votes tallied in favor of the red, in favor of all the hateful comments that have been directed at minorities throughout this election process, and in favor of Donald Trump.

“I do not want to live, and never wanted to live, in a totalitarian regime,” said Father Lee. “It’s very frightening to me and I’ll be honest with you,” he adds, “I don’t want to have a President Trump.

Somehow, “Latinos for Trump” is a real thing and Trump received (again, somehow) 20% of the Latino vote. Somehow this all happened. But rest assured, somehow we will get through this. We will endure. And we will get better.

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