Non-Processed and Hispanic Foods To Go Viral in 2018


Increased awareness about nutrition is inspiring younger generations to prepare their own food. “These generational groups want more involvement, not necessarily more complexity, in preparing their food and meals, particularly at breakfast,” reports. “Breakfast foods that are perceived to be fresher and require more prep or cooking, like eggs, hot cereal, and center plate proteins, are projected to grow by 8% over the next five years.”

Similarly, the consumption of Hispanic and Latin foods will increase by at least 7%. (This includes all Latin foods except for frozen varieties.) Just like non-processed breakfast foods, younger generations are making these increasingly popular foods from scratch. Young Americans are using fresh and all natural ingredients, continues.

The new research explains that new diets and meal choices will be based on health and nutritional value, not necessarily what is popular or what tastes good. “This group will be less driven by the latest fad and more by what they need to sustain their health and lifestyles. Whole grains, protein and calcium, or low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium will be important to younger and older boomer groups,” according to Younger generations are straying away from binge-eating and impulsive eating. A study published in Physiology & Behavior reveals that people are more likely to consume fatty foods when they are under stress. Millennials and generation Z recognize that, and they are doing what they can to combat it — and make healthy choices instead.