Poder 97.1 FM DJ Ray Mayoliz: How Does Music Affect You? Ask the DJ


Op/Ed By Ray Mayoliz


Entertainment comes in many forms. And, music is one of those forms where everyone has their own likes and dislikes, as there are many genres to choose from.

However, for the most part, everyone loves some sort of music.

The community here in Rochester is very fortunate to have the first 24-hour bilingual radio station, Poder 97.1 FM, with the call letters being W.E.P.L (EL Poder Latino).

Poder translates to POWER, which is what has been given to all listeners who tune-in to the station.

The power to listen to all genres of music, at any time they wish.

As I write this, I’m thinking about all the people who have reached out to me, and the other radio personalities, to thank us for starting their days off with motivation, enthusiasm, and smiles.

Personally, I express myself through music, as I am usually in a happy-go-lucky mood.

And, my hope is that my energy has rubbed off on everyone each morning, and that everyone has a productive, safe, and blessed day.

But, back to the music.

You would think that playing the right music is easy, or that it’s just selecting a song because you like it, and it has a good beat, with good lyrics.

Well, I’m sorry to tell you, but, you may be wrong.

Ask any DJ, or band director, and they will tell you that you must know your audience, and play to their likes.

And, as you perform at an event, or play music for a group, you must always start with mainstream, popular songs, and then watch the way your audience reacts.

Look at their body mechanics, like their feet tapping, or the typical chair dancers.

Observe the ones you feel would be the life of a party, and focus.

Then, once you’ve identified those people, you can see the way the music is affecting them, and you can start to reel them into either “party” or “dancing” mode.

Then, it’s time to let loose.

The science behind music is not very easy to explain; however, in short description, every time you listen to a piece of music, you’re actually giving yourself a deep, full-brain workout.

A song starts with your ears, and ends with the music resonating in some way through all four of the brain’s major lobes, producing reactions throughout the body, and evoking emotions, and memory.

That is why music plays such a powerful role in all of us.

Music often causes our blood to pump into the muscles in our legs, which many believe is what causes people to tap their feet.

Rhythms can also cause changes in heart rate, and respiratory patterns, and can actually cause those internal cycles to sync up with the music.

Consequently, some people say “Music beats to the heart,” or vice-versa.

I happen to love all genres of music, with the exception of one.

I have never gotten into any type of Opera.

In that sense, I feel that my upbringing and exposure has affected my musical preferences.

Maybe if I had been exposed to Opera at a younger age, I might be more able to relate to it now.

I was exposed to all genres of Latin music, but the main two were Salsa and Merengue, and, in recent years, the Bachata and Reggaeton.

On the English side, I was exposed to music of the 1950s, through current-era music, which includes all genres, and ranges from Funk, Disco, Rock, and Rap, to Hip-Hop, Freestyle, R&B, Jazz, and Reggae.

Music is my life, and this weekend, someone wrote on social media a saying that I love, which said, “I wish I can find a partner that makes me feel like music does, “HAPPY and full of LIFE.”

‘Til the next time YO TE VEO.

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