Posturing for Presidency? Vice President Biden Hosts Talk With Key Latino Leaders in Florida



Miami, FL — The past couple years, we’ve been met with political turmoil that’s another level of tense. Divisive, charged rhetoric has been at the forefront of an administration that’s been guided by what many consider the ill-advised tweets and whims of a politically inept celebrity. There have been protests, demonstrations, and promises for change from political figures across the spectrum who are fed up with the recently instituted political climate, but actions speak louder than emotionally charged words behind a bullhorn.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is a softspoken guy, but when he does speak (and act), people pay attention. There have been rumblings about his potential presidential run since vacating the White House and making way for the Trump administration, though Biden isn’t one to halfheartedly do anything. He has expressed his own regret for not running in 2016 when he instead backed fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton.

In what seems to be a strategic poise that’ll posture an increase in Democrat support in states won easily by the Trump campaign, this past Tuesday, Biden was the keynote speaker at a fundraiser in Miami alongside several Latino leaders in Florida. It’s one of the fastest growing states — a predominantly Republican state — getting over 1,000 new residents daily (most of whom are from New York, oddly enough). In the past, these Latino leaders have been crucial in pushing the election of Democrats in this strongly Republican-leaning state. The talk has been dubbed an “intimate conversation and lunch” that would provide “an opportunity for Vice President Biden to have a candid conversation about the issues impacting the Latino community.”

At this moment a real, directed conversation with the Latino community is paramount in addressing the tension around issues of race and immigration that this administration is fraught with, and how they might be addressed in the future. Biden is still keeping his intentions close to the chest, but he’s making noticeable moves beginning with this conversation in Florida. In the weeks and months to come, we may see his intentions begin to solidify. An honest guy, he was quoted in December saying, “If I were offered the nomination by the Lord Almighty right now, today, I would say no because we’re not ready, the family’s not ready to do this. If in a year from now, if we’re ready and no one has moved in that I think can do it, then I may very well do it.”

Let’s be real, the man deserves a break after eight years of service in the Obama administration, but he’s not the type to sit back and let our political climate deteriorate without some action. Beginning with the Latino community, perhaps Vice President Biden will speak, act, and progress alongside communities whose voices have been largely talked over.

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