Powerball Jackpot Eludes Rochester Once Again After Lottery Fever Consumes the Nation


Rochesterians who are sick and tired of hearing about jackpots being won in other states will have to continue being patient after the biggest prize in history eluded New Yorkers once again.

According to NBC News, three winners will split the historic $1.58 billion Powerball jackpot, yet none of them are even from New York, let alone Rochester. California, Florida, and Tennessee all sold winnings tickets for Wednesday’s drawing.

The three lucky winners will each collect a $528.8 million prize before taxes, and the number will dwindle even lower depending on whether they opt for a lump sum or annuity payments.

Despite the red tape, these three winners will receive life-changing money as a result of the drawing, and Rochesterians would have preferred at least part of the prize to end up in the Flower City.

Man play lottery
Local news affiliate 13 WHAM notes that the jackpot grew so large that it wouldn’t even fit on lottery billboards.

One billboard located on Route 490 West advertised the jackpot as $999 million. The company that operates the billboard said that it’s the first time the prize did not fit on their billboards, and they didn’t have time to fix it before the drawing took place.

Lottery hopefuls would have purchased Powerball tickets regardless of billboards and store signs, but even the biggest of skeptics were likely influenced to buy tickets last night considering the aggressive marketing that surrounded the drawing.

Just as research shows that 17% of Best Buy’s walk-in customers did so because of the store’s sign, many who stopped to fill their gas tanks on Wednesday ending up spending a few extra dollars on Powerball tickets after seeing advertisements for the jackpot.

If there is a silver lining for Rochesterians who are disappointed that they didn’t win, just remember that there’s always next time.

The jackpot will be reset to $40 million on Saturday, easily fitting on billboards, and it’s only a matter of time before one lucky Rochester resident earns the prestigious and envious title of Powerball winner.