Recent Study Exposes the Disturbing Plight of Latino Workers in America


Dangerous accident during workThe harsh realities of the industries that employ many Latino workers are leading to shockingly high rates of injury and death, according to recent findings.

The Latin Post recently reported on a study conducted by the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA), that found abnormal rates of abuse, neglect, injuries, and fatalities among Hispanic workers in America during 2013.

Due to the deplorable conditions of many jobs that Latinos are forced to work, personal injury and death is far more common than it is among other races and ethnicities.

The study attributes the findings to the high population of Latinos in hazardous industries such as transportation, mining, manufacturing, forestry, agriculture and construction.

It notes that 797 Latinos died in their workplace during 2013, which is the highest rate of death among Latino workers since 2008.

According to Facility Executive Magazine, 4,585 total workers died on the job in America during 2013. This means that a staggering 17.3% of all employees who were fatally injured during that year were of Latino descent.

Only about five out of every 100 employees in the United States get injured while on the job, so these reports are particularly disturbing considering just how common death and injury is among Latino workers.

The study also found several other instances of discrimination against in these aforementioned industries. Hispanic workers earned an average of $578 per week in 2013, which is in stark contrast to whites, who earned an average of $978 per week.

Although general workplace illness and injury have both decreased in the past year, as the result of efforts to improve workplace conditions, the statistics regarding Latinos who are injured on the job are still alarmingly, and unacceptably, high.