Rosselló to Step Down as Governor of Puerto Rico

Protesters gather in San Juan to demand Governor Rossello's resignation

Protesters gather in San Juan to demand Governor Rossello’s resignation

After twelve days of protest by the people of Puerto Rico, the embattled governor Ricardo Rosselló announced late Wednesday that he will resign Aug. 2.

Roselló made the announcement on Facebook just before midnight. A crowd of thousands or people gathered outside the governor’s mansion in Old San Juan burst into singing. And cheers of “Ricky, te botamos!” (“Ricky, we threw you out!”)

“My only priority has been the transformation of our island and the well-being of our people,” s Rosselló said.

Addressing the hundreds of thousands protesters who demanded he step down Roselló said “The demands have been overwhelming and I’ve received them with highest degree of humility.”

The protests began after hundreds of pages of text messages between Rosselló and several members of his inner circle were leaked, containing a series of homophobic and sexist jokes and mocking the victims of Hurricane Maria.

Roselló made the announcement after attorneys commissioned by the president of Puerto Rico’s House of Representatives, found five offenses that they say constituted grounds for impeachment.

In the report that was leaked to the press, the attorneys found Rosselló committed four serious offenses and one misdemeanor, including illicitly using public resources and services for partisan purposes, as well as allowing government officials and contractors to misuse public funds and time for non-government work.

Rossello will be replaced by his justice secretary, Wanda Vazquez.

Click HERE to read a copy of Rosello’s resignation letter