Small POC Businesses in Rochester to Support This Holiday


There are almost 28 million small businesses in the U.S. today. With so many choices, it can be hard to know which businesses to support. This holiday season, support the spirit of togetherness by supporting small, POC-owned businesses in your local area. The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on all of us, and we could all use the support of our community this winter.

Here are a few small businesses you can support this holiday season.

Bold & Gritty

Neurosurgeon Dr. David Paul started the coffee lifestyle brand Bold & Gritty back in 2020. It began as the idea of sharing stories of amazing Black men, compiled into a coffee table book. As work on the project began, however, it quickly grew into a coffee-focused lifestyle brand, using coffee as the vehicle to tell those amazing stories.


When Chelsé Inman found the many facets of birth work, she felt that she’d found her happy place. Now, she’s a “baby-wearing educator and postpartum doula” who offers a variety of services for mothers. She hopes to create a smooth transition to life as a doula, and generally share the love of baby-wearing as an educator.

Muse Company

Whether you’re planning a large or small event, Muse Company wants you to feel like a guest of honor. Started in 2014 by Denise Ester, Muse Company creates personalized experiences for its clients in its role as a creative events company.

Creative Cuts

Creative Cuts is in the business of changing lives, making sure their clients look their best by offering fresh haircuts in a variety of styles.

Nathaniel Square Convenience Store

Affectionately known as ‘The Square’, Nathaniel Square Convenience Store has build a reputation for authentic connections and warm customer service. The Square serves the adjacent South Wedge community and can be found at 495 South Avenue.


Recovrx is a Rochester-based CBD company that’s focused on bringing more awareness to mental health and the importance of maintaining it. As Recovrx was launching, its co-founder Haas was struggling with anxiety. Co-founder Caminero is quoted as saying, ‘There are many people in his situation, and we would like to lend a hand to those suffering from anxiety and other health issues.”

Naturally Kissed by Latosha

Rochester-based entrepreneur Latosha Sharpe creates products for men and women using organic ingredients, including produces for hair, beards, and skin. She began creating her own products after her two young daughters were in need of hair products, but buying natural ones proved to be pretty expensive.

The Bottom Line

A full 45% of American workers faced harassment and/or discrimination in the past year. Be a part of the solution this season and help uplift your local community by supporting POC-owned businesses like the ones we’ve listed here, and many others that are just waiting to be discovered.

At big box stores, you oftentimes cannot find the quality and creativity of small businesses reflected in your buying options. About 40% of buyers ended up regretting purchases they didn’t think they would, and this is often the case when buyers only shop at the big box stores — they often end up dissatisfied with their purchases later on. By shopping smaller and local, you’re not only making a valuable person-to-person connection, you’re also helping support your hometown.

Rochesterlavoz works to uplift the voices and experiences of marginalized communities. You can help out this holiday season by supporting local POC-owned businesses.