Sports Corner: Greetings Friends! Delegation of young Dominican players visit Rochester


sports3This summer the Alicea Baseball Foundation Academy collaborated with the National Baseball Games of Rochester (Los Juegos Nacionales del Béisbol de Rochester) to bring a group of young athletes from the Academy Baseball League Mayi Dominican Republic.

The young Dominicans had the opportunity to visit our city and share with young Rochester players from several leagues and various local schools, ages 13-16. A total of five games were played at several city parks including Baden Park and Genesee Valley Sports Complex.

Joel De Jesus, general manager of the event said “These games were designed for our community… I’m glad the young people (from Dominican Republic) had the opportunity to share with our youth in a friendly and positive atmosphere”.

The players also had the opportunity to participate in a softball tournament the parks and recreation department of the city of Rochester hosts every year. We formed two teams, both including local and visiting players, giving them the opportunity to bond and develop better friendships.

“The planning committee of these games had to work really hard to make the event a reality. The community support was invaluable and helped us a lot. For example, families entertained players in their homes, others prepared meals and we had people who made donations to sponsor some of the trips made by the Dominican delegation.” Said Jose Rios, a member of the committee.

sports-4Coach Mayi Brito Martinez, from the team of Santo Domingo, said “these trips are very important for young Dominicans and their families. It gives them opportunities to meet and share with other communities. Dominican families have to make many sacrifices so that these young people can participate in these trips. For many of these young people it is the first time they’ve traveled to the United States and have been separated from their families. ”

The planning committee made sure the kids were able to enjoy other activities and visit other attractions. Some of the activities included a trip to Niagara Falls, Seabreeze and a Rochester Red Wings game. They also visited other parks and recreation centers and participated in a mass at Our Lady of the Americas church.

“We can use all the help we can get to ensure that these young people continue to have a good experience and lasting memories of our city.” said Néstor Negrón, Planning Committee member.

The committee’s goal is to bring more young people to Rochester. We are also looking for community members who are interested being a part of the committee.

sports1If you are interested in supporting these events in any way please call Angel Alicea at 585-490-0191 or email

The committee would like to announce that in July 2017 we will have these games for ages 9 and 10. We are looking forward to hosting a delegation from Arroyo, Puerto Rico, and one from the Mayi League Santo Domingo. Two local teams will be participating from the city of Rochester. We hope to have the support of our community to make the event a success.