The U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Endorses Clinton and Kasich Before Kasich Dropped Out of Race


In late April, the largest Hispanic business group in the United States announced that they would be endorsing Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican John Kasich for president. Meanwhile, the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce blatantly bypassed Ted Cruz, the only Latino left in the presidential race.

“Secretary Clinton has stood with the USHCC and the Hispanic community at-large for decades,” USHCC president and CEO Javier Palomarez said in a statement. “For more than 40 years, Secretary Clinton has fought to ensure that those who are willing to work hard in America have the opportunity to get ahead and stay ahead.”

When it comes to Kasich, Palmorez feels that his views of the Hispanic community as a diverse group of individuals helps him to approach topics from a more understanding viewpoint. He also feels that Kasich “understands that sustainable economic growth is needed in order to allow the American people an opportunity to succeed, regardless of background” and “that the issues most important to all Americans are: jobs, the economy, healthcare, education, immigration and national security.”

According to NBC News, this is the first time that the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has ever endorsed any presidential candidate. The organization represents the more than 4 million Latino-owned businesses in the U.S., making up a large part of the 26.5 million total businesses in the country. To boot, Hispanic businesses contribute a whopping $661 billion annually to the United States’ economy.

And as for Ted Cruz? Majority of Latino organizations — both Democrat and Republican — expressed opposition to the Cuban GOP hopeful. While Chamber President Palomarez expressed that they would have loved to endorse a Latino candidate, Cruz just didn’t make the cut.

“He is just more grounded in political ideology than in our economy’s needs,” Palmorez remarked.

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But now that Kasich has officially dropped out of the running, political and media experts are wondering whether or not a voter movement to swing will take place, keeping the political power away from Trump and giving the presidency to Clinton.