Website Provides Platform For Puerto Rico’s Entrepreneurs In Hope Of Economic Recovery


puerto-rican-flag-2801139_1280The aftermath of Hurricane Maria has been felt heavily by Puerto Rican natives for the past two months, but renewed efforts to rebuild have been popping up all over.

Last week, a young man from Puerto Rico was inspired by a family of deer to start a charity dedicated to helping those affected by the hurricane by providing basic necessities.

Now, a charity called Colmena 66 has developed Shop and Hire PR, a website dedicated to helping recovery efforts in Puerto Rico through economic stimulation.

This works by providing Puerto Rico themed products manufactured on the island for continental Americans to purchase directly. Not only does this site give way for small businesses to recuperate financial losses from the hurricane, but it also allows mainland U.S. employers to connect with Puerto Rican freelancers seeking a source of income.

This economic stimulus might be exactly what Puerto Rico needs right now. The idea of charity based business growth is especially relevant today with 52% of worldwide consumers making purchase decisions partially based on the packaging that reveals a brand’s intentions toward contributing positively to social and environmental causes.

The popularity of charitable enterprises has been gaining social steam lately, but it’s important for budding Puerto Rican entrepreneurs to remember that 80% to 90% of online customers check reviews before purchasing.

Cautionary advice aside, Shop and Hire P.R. is the buzz of the minute, and the fundamental idea extends beyond the tragic hurricane.

Denise Rodriquez, Colmena 66 head, told NBC News “We need to be creative now more than ever so our entrepreneurs don’t feel the need to leave the island.”

The tough entrepreneurial spirit still seems alive and well in spite of Hurricane Maria. In fact, it seems that in the wake of tragedy, business leaders across Puerto Rico have redoubled their innovative efforts with fervor and have shown no sign of yielding.

Always looking forward, Rodriguez rests on a note of optimism. “This is a great opportunity for Puerto Rico, so that from the beginning, we teach our businesses about a marketplace outside the 100 by 35 miles that is our island.”

Time will tell the financial tale in full, but for now, the spirit of progress and forward thinking is true to the core.

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